We are
the electric future

It is necessary

to decarbonize


We are not interested in sustainable development to favor a fad or a change of opinion. For ten years we have worked intensely on electric charging solutions and from the beginning of this adventure, we had one conviction: it is necessary to decarbonize mobility.


Each enterprise, each citizen can, in their own way, participate in the energy transition. For DRIVECO, it is essential to reconcile the ecology and the economy, because if sustainable development generates employment, then the society will mobilize and the circle will become virtuous.


Our priority is to limit the greenhouse effect by offering universal electric charging solutions, adapted to all types of usage. Our mastery of clean energy technologies combined with the reliability of our products ensure for each user an optimal driving experience, essential condition for the development of a mobility more respectful of the environment.


For the world to change, we have to give it the means. At our scale, but with unwavering ambition and enthusiasm, we want to be the facilitators of zero carbon mobility.

Leader in electric mobility

more than ever committed to the energy transition.

We are convinced that everyone at their level and all together, we can advance towards a world of zero carbon emissions.


Our requirements are high in order to respond effectively to our customers’ demands.

Solutions and advice for all challenges

The quality of our products and services is very important, this is why we favor short circuits and why all our products are manufactured in France or in Europe.

Moreover, our teams are mobilized and responsive to answer most effectively to our customers.

A technology of the future made accessible to all

Pioneer in solar mobility, DRIVECO has made possible the charging of electric vehicles with solar energy, for a green mobility in all simplicity.

All our solutions are easy to handle and we are always available to answer our customers’ questions and also those of electric vehicles users.

Respond to the energy transition challenge

To respond to objective zero carbon emissions by 2050, we have chosen as an objective to constantly try to improve our solutions in order to make them even more effective, as we confront the challenge represented by the energy transition.

Passionate experts

At DRIVECO, we surround ourselves with people who are passionate about and committed to the energy transition.


Having different backgrounds, all our teams are fully committed to work for a green and decarbonized mobility.


The fulfillment of each is one of our priorities. We rely on the competencies of each employee to evolve on a daily basis at DRIVECO.

Our leadership team
Ion Leahu Aluas CEO DRIVECO

Ion Leahu-Aluas

Founder & CEO

Engineer with a degree from Paris Tech d’Arts et
Passionate about new technologies and innovation, Ion inspires his teams daily to work together for a decarbonized world.

Thierry Dufour

Thierry Dufour

Deputy General Manager

Engineer with a degree from Paris Tech d’Arts et Métiers.
With extensive experience in aeronautics, Thierry is always one step ahead of the actions to be taken.

Sofiane Belkhodja

Technical Director

Engineer with a degree in software and networks from Sup Galilée.

Sofiane has always been immersed in the field of energy with a profound determination to put his competencies in the service of green mobility.

Sofiane Belkhodja

Eleonore Corpet

Production Manager

Engineer with a degree from
l’École Centrale de Nantes.
Logistics and production systems are Eleonore’s hobbies. She knows how to use diplomacy to find the best solutions, each time.

Eleonore Corpet
Thomas Mambrini

Thomas Mambrini

Deputy General Manager

Customer satisfaction is very important for Thomas. His motto: satisfying perfectly is perfectly satisfying !

Francesco Oddo

Francesco Paolo Oddo

Operations Director

Engineer with a degree from l’Institut National des
Sciences Appliquées.
Francesco always keeps his good humor in the face of the magnitude of challenges.

Louis-Nicolas Amedee-Manesme

Development Director

Engineer who graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Imperial College London.

The unfailing pragmatism of Louis-Nicolas is his asset in meeting new challenges.

louis nicolas amedee manesm

Sylvain Chardon
Head of legal

Graduated with a Master 2 in Business law and holder of a Professional lawyer certificated, Sylvain is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and work organization methods.

Charles Winterholer

Graduated of ESC Tours and finance specialist in the renewable energy sector.
A follower of “kairos” – the art of seizing the right moment – Charles reconciles the rigor of finance with the values of environmental preservation.

Charles Winterholer -
Our history
12 years of experience

DRIVECO was created in 2010 by Corsica Sole, Developer, Operator and Producer of solar energy, in order to develop solar mobility and move towards carbon neutrality by 2050.


Today, we are the leader in electric mobility in France. With several thousand charging points and offices throughout France we guarantee the deployment of a charging network of quality, locally manufactured.


To ensure its strong growth and to continue to innovate, in 2020 DRIVECO has raised several million Euros from MIROVA, manager of funds dedicated 100% to sustainable development and European leader of investments in the energy transition.


To further accelerate the energy transition we have created DRIVECO Invest in 2020, our structure dedicated to financing the charging stations through third-party investment.

Certifications and awards

Trusted partner

Member of AVERE, PERIFEM, ACOZE, CAPENERGIES, Pôle MEDEE, DRIVECO has established long term partnerships with CEA-INES and Peugeot Design Lab.


At the start of DRIVECO, within the framework of the solar mobility project, we have benefited through Corsica Sole of the financial support from the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica (CTC), the Agency for Economic Development of Corsica, FEDER, CADEC and the Inizia incubator.

They trust us

Each customer is unique !
Whatever your objectives and your sector of activity are :

  • Become a player in the energy transition
  • Offer the best charging service
  • Commit yourself to the Green Mobility