The DRIVECO Monitoring System is a multifunctional monitoring and management platform for charging stations for electric vehicles, but also for renewable energy power plants and energy storage systems.


Our monitoring system is one of the most performant on the market with very advanced and complete functionality.


Due to our DRIVECO Monitoring System, it will be possible for you to operate your stations, manage energy in real time, manage the users, get revenue from charges and have regular reports.

The DRIVECO Monitoring System Modules


You will have access to all your charging stations and your sites in one place.


If you are a multi-owner you will have one view dedicated to each site which allows you a more precise management of your charging stations.


You also have available technical details of each charging station and you have access to usage statistics and reporting.

Système de supervision parc de bornes de recharge de véhicules électriques
Recharge de Voiture électrique

DRIVECO Smart Grid

The DRIVECO Smart Grid is an intelligent electricity distribution grid which allows the adjustment of electricity flow in real time.


Also, using the DRIVECO Smart Grid you transform the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles into an autonomous network that allows you :


  • The intelligent charging with static or dynamic energy management
  • The modulation according to the electric grid signals
  • The management for 100% solar charging
  • The integration of energy storage systems

Operation - Monitoring - Management

Using our operating and monitoring system you benefit from :


  • The telemaintenance and remote control
  • Alerts by SMS and email about malfunctions
  • The 24/7 support for administrators and users
  • The operation reporting and statistics
Système de supervision parc de bornes de recharge de véhicules électriques
Borne Driveco carte recharge voiture électrique

User Management:
Charge billing

You have the possibility to bill your charges and give access by badge to your users.


You can also :

  • Define the resale tariff of charging
  • Put in place interoperability agreements to accept users of mobility operators
  • Monitor the revenue generated by your stations in real time

Our application
for users

The DRIVECO application is available for free on Google Play and App Store to make charging on our stations even easier.


The users can also :

  • Create an account
  • Add or change a payment method
  • Access the history of their charges and payments
  • Access a dashboard


And for all users without having to create an account :

  • Find the stations close by
  • View the availability of stations in real time
  • Navigate towards the station
  • Monitor the ongoing charge
  • Access to phone support 24/7
application mobile driveco

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