Production of green energy, storage and energy management

Have you thought of getting involved in green mobility ?


Produce your own energy due to the solar power plants, an energy to be delivered to all !


With more than 100 MWc / 50 MWh built and under operation, we are today the national reference in the photovoltaic and storage sectors in France.


On the strength of this expertise, we design power plants that adapt to your site and your needs. We offer the best technical solutions, on rooftops, on the ground or as parking canopies. 


An expertise that we apply in service to mobility with the only 100% solar and 100% decarbonized charging offer: the Parasol® charging station.



Due to the installation of photovoltaic panels, produce 100% solar energy for your self-consumption.

Système de supervision bornes de recharge véhicules électriques


Manage your energy production using the DRIVECO Smart Grid integrated in our monitoring system.


Do you produce more than you consume? The surplus energy produced can be stored in batteries and returned when needed.

batterie stockage énergie électrique


You can also sell part or all of this energy to the electric grid and be remunerated for it.

Our photovoltaic
power plants

A photovoltaic power plant installation is built to last on average 30 years, this is why we are committed to offer high standard material both at quality level and environmental level.

In order to favor short supply chains and reduce the environmental impact of our installations we offer material of French or European origin.


Flat roof – ballasted mount
It adapts to all types of roofs and does not require perforation of the roof.


Flat roof – thermal welding mount
This type of mount does not require perforation or ballast, but requires a compatible sealing cover.


Sloped roof
It adapts to all types of roofs and supports higher loads.

The advantages of this type of installations :

  • Fast and reliable installation
  • Optimal surface – efficiency ratio
  • Aerodynamic optimization to withstand wind
  • Higher resistance to uprooting


Single side canopy
It has one pole and one parking space.


Double side canopy
This canopy has a central pole to minimize the footprint and two parking spaces.


The options included with this types of installations :

  • LED lighting system
  • Rainwater recovery system
  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Compliance with sizing constraints due to snow and ice

Photovoltaic panels

The selected photovoltaic panels are of high quality and have the following characteristics :

  • Extremely robust module
  • Photovoltaic cells with a high efficiency
  • Stiffness allowing to withstand snow overload
  • Low carbon footprint


The inverter allows the conversion of the direct current of the photovoltaic energy produced by the solar panel into alternating current.


Our inverters are Smart Grid ready, have an optimal conversion efficacy and offer a very high efficiency.


A site equipped with a photovoltaic installation in self-consumption will prioritize the consumption of the photovoltaic energy produced and feed it into the grid if the demand is inferior to production. It will take energy from the grid if consumption is superior to production.


This installation ensures a reduction in the cost of electricity over the long term. In fact, the self-consumed energy has a double economic interest :


  • Securing the cost of the kWh consumed over the whole duration of the equipment.
  • Eliminate part of the kWh price increase fixed by the energy suppliers, which is constantly rising
Panneau solaire sur les toits

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