investment offer

Through DRIVECO Invest, our structure that carries the third-party investment offer, we help you offer a quality service to users of electric vehicles at zero cost for you, but also answer the obligations of the LOM law for the case of parking open to the public.


We offer to install for free and operate charging stations for electric vehicles in your parking lots, without you having to pay for those stations !


In addition, you will benefit from a quality service of a qualified operator and receive extra income for the rental of spaces dedicated to charging electric vehicles.

avantages tiers inestissement

Advantages of third-party investment with your partner DRIVECO

  • Zero costs for the real estate owner
  • Regular remuneration (fixed/variable/mixed) for the real estate owner
  • An experienced operator
  • A quality service for users
  • Answer the obligations of the LOM law
  • Actively participate in the energy transition

How it works

Plot of land offer

Do you have a plot of land or a parking lot which you would like to utilize while contributing to the energy transition?


Call DRIVECO Invest !

Feasibility studies

We will study the project’s feasibility according to our predefined criteria for an eligible project.

Negotiation / structuring of the economic model

We will present to you our leasing offer and also the agreement for our collaboration over 12-15 years.

Project development

Once the agreement is signed we launch all the procedures with the organizations concerned and start the works.

Commissioning of stations

At the end of the works, we open the stations to the public in order for the users of electric vehicles to be able to charge with full simplicity and security.

Lessor remuneration

You will receive regular rent, over the entire period defined in the lease without you being involved in the operation of the charging stations.

Do you have another project?