KINO chargers

A complete range of chargers for all your charging needs.

Kino ONE

Kino PRO



  • Connected to the DRIVECO Smart Grid : the power input is optimised as needed for the use of the DRIVECO PV system.
  • Dynamic charging power modulation, according to the needs and the power usage of the charger and of the DRIVECO grid.
  • Real time billing per user.
  • Patented secure charge.


  • Easy to use : Badge, Plug and it Charges !
  • Easy to install : standing or wall mount.
  • 2 vehicles charge simultaneously.


  • Compatible with all kinds of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Choose your charging options :
    • depending on the desired charging power, from 3 up to 22 kW
    • depending on your socket or plug