OUR Offerings

DRIVECO is your partner for electric vehicle charging stations.


Personalized recommendations regarding the charging solutions to implemen

Site study and optimization of the installation


Universal chargers certified by independent labs

100% made in EU

Installation of chargers and all related infrastructure


DRIVECO operates the entire infrastructure

Maintenance, Monitoring, Billing, Reporting

Real-time energy and charge management via Smart Grid

Manufacturer, installer, software developer, we deliver a complete charging infrastructure.

Our solar charging solutions with the PARASOL® and flexible with the KINO® product range allow us to meet all your needs. Our solutions are universal, compatible with all types and brands of rechargeable vehicles.

Designed to charge 8 vehicles at the same time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the PARASOL is the only 100% solar charging station in the world. The PARASOL provides clean and accessible electric mobility to all. The electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels on its roof is stored in its batteries and distributed to all charge points connected to the Smart Grid DRIVECO. This intelligent energy management system pilots, in real time, the power supplied to vehicles to ensure a 100% solar charge. With PARASOLs in service in Bastia and Ajaccio you can drive using carbon-free energy on the world’s first solar mobility road.

In line with its eco-friendly R&D, DRIVECO has developed its range of KINO chargers, with 3 models:

  • the URBAN, to be installed on roadways
  • the PRO, for professionals (supermarkets, offices, malls,…)
  • the ONE, for professional and home charging

The KINO chargers are universal, intuitive and connected. Thanks to their sleek design they fit perfectly into any environment.

The DRIVECO Supervision System, which integrates management, remote maintenance, energy management and electronic payment modules, completes our offer.

DRIVECO is your one-stop shop thanks to our turnkey, professional and fast service.