Our Partners

  • CORSICA SOLE has developped DRIVECO as an R&D project in 2010.
  • It became CORSICA SOLE‘s subsidiary in 2016.
  • DRIVECO benefits from CORSICA SOLE‘s expertise in solar photovoltaics and energy management of power plants associated with energy storage.
  • DRIVECO has developed a long-term partnership with the CEA-INES and Peugeot Design Lab.
  • DRIVECO is a member of AVERE since 2016.

Financial Assistance

The Corsican Territory Community, the Agency of Economical Developpement in CorsicaCADEC and Incubateur Inizia have invested in DRIVECO as a part of the Solar Mobility Project.


The European Regional Development Fund has invested in the Corsica Region. The Solar Mobility Project is co-financed by the European Union.

Capénergies is a Competitiveness Cluster whose objective is the economic development of the energy sector by identifying and assisting innovative structural projects.