Increase your
real estate value
with electric mobility

Are you the owner of a parking lot or a plot of land and would like to increase its value and offer a quality service to users thanks to electric mobility?


DRIVECO takes care of everything for you and it is free of charge!


DRIVECO rents your plot of land, carries the investment, manages the entire project and takes charge also of the monitoring, maintenance and user services.


As a bonus, you will receive additional income for the rental of the parking spaces dedicated to the charging of electric vehicles.

Our approach to increase your property value

Transform your plot of land into a charging station for electric vehicles with our third-party investment offer.


DRIVECO takes care of everything :

  • Analysis of the project’s validity
  • Site audit
  • Contracting the partnership
  • Installation of the charging infrastructure
  • Operation and maintenance  of the infrastructure


You will be remunerated for making your plot of land available.

Our charging stations


All our charging stations are compatible with all types of electric vehicles and chargeable hybrids.


Our charging stations are easy to handle and thanks to the DRIVECO application, it is very easy to charge.


DRIVECO has created the most robust charging station on the market, with an availability rate of 99% for our stations.

Parasol DRIVECO station recharge solaire

of offering a plot of land

  • Regular remuneration (fixed/variable/mixed)

  • Answer the obligations of the LOM law if you are the owner of a parking lot open to the public.

  • Participate actively in the energy transition

  • Reinforce your attractiveness

  • Attract the users of electric vehicles

  • Offer a quality service to users

  • Build customer loyalty

Our charging application
for users

You can charge all types of electric or chargeable hybrid vehicles at our charging stations. It is very easy to charge at our stations using the DRIVECO application :


1. Download the application available on Google Play and App Store

2. Scan the QR code corresponding to your charging point

3. Plug in your cable

4. Charge your vehicle


On the application you can :

  • Review the history of your charges
  • Register a payment method
  • See the available charging stations in real time
  • Access an assistance service 24/7

Download the app on

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