Support your
energy transition
with photovoltaics

Aware of the climate emergency, we make the energy transition one of our priorities
and put our know-how and expertise at your service.


DRIVECO accompanies you in your efforts of installing photovoltaic power plants for self-consumption.


Pioneer of solar mobility, we have created 10 years ago the PARASOL®, an innovative charging system powered by solar energy, thus offering vehicle charging with 100% decarbonized energy.


Today, we want to democratize the 100% solar charging and multiply the number of self-sufficient stations producing energy for charging electric vehicles.

Our customized approach

to accompany you in installing solar charging stations.

The study prior to your project.
Depending on the characteristics of your building we can advise you to install a photovoltaic canopy or a photovoltaic roof.

The energy study of your building to estimate the future consumption coupled with the Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (IRVE).

Provisional plan of energy production for self-consumption with or without charging of electric vehicles.

The analysis of your return on investment which details the savings on your energy bill. During the entire process, from studies to operation and maintenance of the installations, you will have a single and unique partner.

Towards 100% solar mobility

Go further in your energy transition by connecting your charging stations to our solar energy production, storage and control system.


You can thus supply a 100% solar charge to users of electric cars.


All our stations are connected to the DRIVECO Monitoring System to guarantee an optimal charging management.


Our stations make it possible to achieve 100% solar charging by connecting the photovoltaic power plant to DRIVECO’s charging stations.


The energy is controlled in real time to prioritize the charging of electric vehicles. The surplus is self-consumed by the building or resold to the electric grid.


Commit yourself to an ecological quest by producing green electricity from solar energy, a clean and renewable energy.


Contribute to solar mobility by supplying green energy to electric vehicles, by installing charging stations connected to your photovoltaic power plants.


Get savings on your energy bill.
Due to the self-consumption of your own photovoltaic energy, you will not be affected by the increase in the purchasing price of electricity and you lock in the electricity price for 35 years.


Also, lower your electricity bill due to the production of your own energy.


You can claim the investment premium granted by the French state to help you put in place a photovoltaic power plant.

Advantages of installing photovoltaic power plants for self-consumption

By installing a photovoltaic power plant for self-consumption, you will do more than produce your own electricity!

Our Monitoring System

and energy management

The DRIVECO Monitoring System is a multifunctional monitoring and management platform for charging stations and renewable energy power plants.


Using DRIVECO Smart Grid you will :

  • Optimize the production and consumption of energy based on needs
  • Store energy for returning it timely to vehicles
  • Sell the energy surplus to the grid
  • Access usage reporting and statistics
  • Benefit from the service of telemaintenance and remote control

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