Alata, October 9, 2015

Based 20 km north of Ajaccio, Southern Corsica, at Alata, the Solar Smart Grid has been developped and operated by CORSICA SOLE and built by Cofely Ineo. This solar power plant with a 4,4 MWc maximum power and with 13 450 Sunpower photovoltaic panels offers 3,4 MWh output power and a smart operating energy system with :
A power storage technology for the lithium-ion battery
An energy converter
A smart managing system for the real-time adjustment of the produced energy.
The excess of the output power during the lightest hours is stored in the power grid to be used during night hours.
Thus a uniform output enegy flow is achieved without depending on the demand level or on the weather conditions.
The Smart Grid of Alata allows to anticipate and stabilize the solar energy consumption and production.

This innovative solar power plant with a smart energy management was opened alongside the Cofely Ineo Chairman and CEO, Yann Rolland, ENGIE Group and the Chairman of the Corsican Executive Council, Paul Giaccobi.
Its power output covers 1000 households in Corsica.