Bastia, March 14, 2016

DRIVECO opens its first 100% solar charging station – the PARASOL, for all kinds of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles : cars, vans, scooters, buses, etc.

With its 88 PV panels on the 150 m2 roof, the PARASOL produces its own energy, due to the latest technological innovations. The produced erergy is primarely used for charging electric vehicles. The PARASOL can stock the excess of the solar energy in its power battery and then inject it into the DRIVECO Smart Grid : an independant grid-connected pv system.

Universal, due to its power battery, the PARASOL can charge with solar energy all kinds of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles day or night. There are 3 charging options : a fast charge within 25 minutes, an accelerated charge within 1 hour and a standard charge within 6 hours. Smart, due to the DRIVECO Grid connection, the PARASOL can charge up to 7 vehicles simultaneously 24h/24, 7 days a week with 100% solar energy.

The design of the PARASOL is modern and refined. Its lines and colours have been inspired by the sumptuous landscape of Corsica.The tree colours of the PARASOL : white, azure blue and the raw wood, represent the sun, the sea ans the sand. Sturdy but light, its elegant wooden curves and slim roof remind of a bird who spreads its wings to fly above the sea waves.

The first demonstrators of this technology in the world, our ambition is to deploy with Corsica a smart solar network of PARASOLs, every 50 km, in order to ensure worry-free driving on 100% solar energy. Thanks to support from the European Union and the Corsica Region, DRIVECO opens the starting point of the corsican Solar Mobility Road. With the inauguration of the 2nd PARASOL in Ajaccio, on the May 11th, DRIVECO will open the first “Smart Solar Mobility” Road between Basia and Ajaccio.