Ajaccio – May 11, 2016

Connecting Bastia to Ajaccio, the road consists of two PARASOLs®, solar powered smart charging stations compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles: cars, vans, scooters, buses, etc. The first PARASOL® was commissioned March 14, 2016 in Bastia. With the inauguration of a PARASOL® in Ajaccio, we open the first “Smart Solar Mobility” road between the two cities, alongside the President of the Executive Council, the Chairman of the ADEC, delegates from the European Commission, the President of the CAPA and representatives of the City of Ajaccio. Beginning on May 11, 2016, it is now possible to drive from Bastia to Ajaccio on 100% solar energy.

Born from the desire to accelerate the energy transition by developing clean and accessible electric mobility, DRIVECO designed and developed a cutting-edge technological innovation: the PARASOL®.

The PARASOL® are interconnected within the same lands via the “DRIVECO Smart Grid”, an intelligent energy management system, developed in partnership with CEA Tech and INES. This enables the PARASOLs® to mutualize their production and storage capacities, collaborate with each other, and modulate the power delivered to the electric vehicles, thus ensuring a 100% solar charge at all times. Both in the standalone and interconnected modes, the PARASOL® is a world first, born from French know-how and innovation in sustainable mobility.

The first demonstrators of this technology in the world are now operational. The ambition is to deploy with Corsica a smart solar network of PARASOLs®, every 50 km, in order to ensure worry-free driving on 100% solar energy. Thanks to support from the European Union, the Corsica Region and our many Corsican partners, DRIVECO inaugurates the first “Smart Solar Mobility” road in the world, between Bastia and Ajaccio.