Développeur de bornes et d'infrastructure pour ma recharge de véhicules électriques


Subsidiary Corsica sole, operator and producer of solar energy in Corsica mission DRIVECO is to design and develop complete solutions refills for electric vehicles. Since 2010 bringing 21 employees on 2 websites , Corsica and Paris DRIVECO is at the forefront of new technologies in the field of sustainable mobility. Its solutions refills, solar with PARASOL and flexible with the KINO terminal allow DRIVECO to adapt to all needs in infrastructure for recharging all electric vehicles. DRIVECO is today an innovative brand in electric mobility that aims to be a pioneer. Building on its expertise in the field of renewable energy, DRIVECO always innovating to use more energy to move towards sustainable mobility of tomorrow.


Born from the desire to accelerate the energy transition by developing clean and accessible electric mobility, DRIVECO designed and developed a cutting-edge technological innovation: the PARASOL. This 100% solar power charging station is an environmentally friendly solution for all areas.
pilier parasol
parasol la nuit

5 words in the heart of our activity


We have proven our know-how in sustainable mobility and we are always developping new more optimised local solutions.


Our kew words are Innovation and Cutting-edge Technologies.


Our solutions are simple, intuitive and connected to the city of tomorrow.


Our credo is based on the environmental protection – our solutions are ecological and safe for the planet.


Our sustainable solutions are firmly focused on the future of the lands they have been conceived for.