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Why choose Driveco?

4.7/5 on iOS

Our mobile app is reliable and loved by thousands of electric vehicle drivers.

98.7% availability rate

Our network is outstanding for its reliability rate of over 98%, versus an average of 84% in France.

France’s biggest network

Our network offers more than 8,000 chargers, in operation or being deployed in Europe.

Why choose Driveco?

Start your recharge with just a few clicks

Locate your charging station
Start charging your car using our app
End the charging session
Locate the best charging
station for your car
Start recharging your car
using our app
End the charging session
and get on with your day

Driveco's EV charging infrastructure adapts to your needs

Charging within your budget

The faster the charge, the more expensive it is. With Driveco, choose the charging rate that suits your budget.

You choose your charging speed

You don’t charge your vehicle the same way at home, at work, at a power hub or while shopping. Driveco gives you the choice.

Protect your vehicle’s battery

Diversifying charging speeds improves the lifetime of your vehicle’s batteries. Contribute to a truly more sustainable mobility with Driveco.

Charging power for every purpose

France's biggest network

Trust the largest and most reliable charging stations network in France.

Driveco app, your copilot for electric driving

Locate charging stations, start and track the charge of your electric vehicle.

Charge safely and quickly on thousands of charging points on our nationwide network.

Access online help or contact a 24/7 support hotline.

Simply scan the QR Code on the charging point and follow the instructions in the app.

“Super easy charging experience using my workplace’s charger. Log your card into your Driveco account, scan the QR Code and off you go!”

“For once, a simple, no-frills application. Everything worked on the first try. That’s far from being the general rule!”

EV drivers' frequent questions about charging your vehicle with Driveco

How do I charge my vehicle?

Scan the QR code with the Driveco app on the desired charging point. Then follow the instructions displayed on the app. The terminals are also compatible with most mobility operators (e.g. Chargemap). Swipe your badge in front of the terminal’s card reader to start charging.

How can I track my charging session?

Click on the link sent to the provided email address. This link will allow you to see the elapsed time, current charging power, delivered energy, and the cost of the charging session if applicable.

Why isn't my charging session starting?

Once you have entered your details on the application and after hearing the audio feedback from the terminal, be sure to connect your cable until the stop (this is important!). Indeed, there is a second notch to secure the recharge. Additionally, make sure that:

  • The vehicle’s engine is turned off
  • The gear lever is in the “P” position
  • No charging is underway or scheduled
  • All doors and the trunk are securely closed

What is the charging speed?

There are two charging technologies: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The maximum charging power of a vehicle is different between AC and DC charging. The power displayed when scanning the QR Code is the theoretical maximum power of the charging station. The actual charging power will be the minimum between the maximum power of the charging station and that of the vehicle.

How can I unlock my charging cable?

For safety reasons, the station locks your cable. To unlock it, disconnect the cable on the vehicle side or click the “Press & hold to stop” button on the application.

What is the price of a charging session?

Each station has its own pricing structure. A charging session can be either paid or free. The price or the absence of charge is displayed before starting the charging process.

Is the price for charging via QR Code the same as using my interoperability badge?

Driveco does not control the price of charging conducted through other mobility service providers than us. We strongly recommend contacting your provider to learn about their pricing policy.

Why do I need to provide my email address?

The link to track your charging session and your invoice for paid charging sessions are sent to the provided email address. Your address is solely used for these purposes and is not shared with any third party.

I have been charged, but my charging session did not occur.

When a charging session starts, an authorization request (bank pre-authorization) is made. Sometimes, this request appears on your bank account as a debit. If no charging session takes place, this request is automatically canceled within a few hours.

I stopped the charging session but the billing continues.

The charging session truly ends when you disconnect your vehicle from the station.

How can I get my invoice?

At the end of a paid charging session, an invoice is automatically sent to the provided email address. However, a duplicate can be requested by email at the following address: support@driveco.com

Is creating an account mandatory?

Creating an account is not mandatory. However, having an account will allow you to have a history of your charging sessions.

Where can I get a charging badge?

Driveco does not offer charging badges. All stations can be used via QR Codes. However, badges from various mobility service providers are compatible with Driveco stations.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions are available after scanning the QR Code and before starting the charging process.

Bank pre-authorization

A pre-authorization is required before each recharge at our charging stations. The amount varies according to the type of terminal and recharge. Don’t worry, this pre-authorization is automatically cancelled when your recharge is billed. If you are not billed, or if you cancel the refill, the pre-authorization will also be cancelled. Please note that cancellation may take up to three working days (depending on bank processing times).