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Attract and build customer loyalty with electric recharge

They trust us

Why choose Driveco?

No investment required

As a charging station operator, Driveco installs reliable infrastructure without any investment on your part.

An attractive financial commitment

By renting us your parking space, you are guaranteed a margin-boosting income from the French leader in EV charging.

Satisfied customers

Your charging stations are easy to find, to use and Driveco ensures excellent customer service to keep you out of trouble.

A range of charging stations, from 22 to 400kW

8 000 chargers, in operation or being installed

98% reliability, versus a national average of 84%

100% renewable energy sources

Get ahead of regulatory requirements and take an active part in the energy transition

Carrefour trusts Driveco

Carrefour Energies and Driveco are equipping all Carrefour Market supermarkets with charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. This partnership will enable millions of customers to benefit from over 3 000 charging points across France.

Jérôme Nanty
Executive VP Human Resources & Patrimony for Carrefour

French EV charging and mobility pioneer

French charging pioneer

EV charging experts

Our charging stations are compatible with all types of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles driven by your customers. Trusting Driveco will make your store(s) more attractive for all.

Our network is renowned for its reliability

We offer one of the most reliable recharging services on the market. We deliver an availability rate of over 98% across our entire network, versus an average of 84% in France.

French manufacturer of charging stations

Driveco is the only French player in the field of electric charging to manufacture its alternating current (AC) charging stations in France.

Attract EV drivers to your store

Our charging stations are easy to find, set up and use. By equipping your store with Driveco charging stations, you increase its attractiveness and profitability.

A community of potential clients

Driveco brings together hundreds of thousands of high-income EV drivers, all potential customers of your retail outlet.

Fair-priced EV charging infrastructure for your customers and their vehicles

Wide range of prices

The faster you charge, the more you pay. Get your offer in line with your customer’s purchasing power and your brand’s positioning.

Different customers, different speeds

When they visit you, consumers want to be able to choose the charging speed. They’ll prefer retailers offering a variety of charging stations.

Less battery wear

Varying recharge speeds improves battery longevity and your clients know it. Give them an experience that preserves their electric vehicle.

Fair-priced recharges for your customers and their electric vehicles

A turnkey service

ROI study to assess economic potential
Catchment area audit and partnership proposal
Contractual lease discussion and agreement
Charging station installation and connection
Operation and maintenance, committed customer service
Rent payments starting when station operates

A turnkey service

Feasibility and profitability study
Land audit and partnership proposal
Contractual lease agreement
Terminals installation and connection
Operation and maintenance, committed customer service
Regular rent from the commissioning date

Driveco offers several financing options

0 capex, 0 opex

100% capex, 0 opex


Driveco offers several financing options

Driveco charging stations run on renewable energy

Solar power generation

Installation of shading solar panels over your parking spaces

Panels can be mounted on your store buildings’ roofs

Energy storage with high-performance batteries

Design and construction expertise, solar power being Driveco’s seminal business

100% renewable energy

When no solar or renewable energy is available, Driveco commits to the purchase of certificates of origin that guarantee clean energy supply.

Your customers want quality and choice, both in recharge and in store. Equip it with reliable charging infrastructure.

Retailers, we have a solution for every situation

What type of rent does Driveco pay to retailers?

After assessing the eligibility of your site and its economic potential, Driveco will provide you with an initial feasibility study, specifying the proposed rent and contractual terms. We typically offer two rent options : A fixed rent only, or a fixed + variable rent based on the site’s performance (a percentage of charging revenue).

Can I set up a Driveco station in an underground parking lot?

Yes. If you have one or more underground parking lots, this is entirely possible, under certain conditions. The parking lot must be safe, fire-resistant and comply with the latest safety standards. These points will be discussed with you during the preliminary assessment of your site. We will then be able to confirm whether or not your site is eligible.

Which criteria must I meet to host a Driveco station on my site?

To ensure the quality of service provided to our customers, we look at different criteria including coherence with our other locations, as well as the long-term viability and profitability of the site. Each site has its own specific characteristics, so we study each one on a case-by-case basis. We pay particular attention to the following criteria: Geographical location (car traffic, main roads nearby, urban or suburban area, other nearby stations), available surface area (generally 2 to 16 parking spaces), accessibility of potential users nearby (such as electric vehicle fleets).

What happens in case of damage, vandalism, or accident at the station?

In the event of damage, vandalism, or an accident at a station, Driveco’s third-party liability insurance covers the damage.

What legal framework does the partnership with Driveco involve?

In most cases, it is a 10 to 15-year civil lease. If you are interested, we can provide you with a standard lease template to speed up discussions. This contractual framework’s benefits are twofold: it guarantees you a long-term income with a trusted partner, and enables Driveco to recover the cost of installing and operating the station. We can accommodate for specific exit clauses, should you require it.

Who covers the installation and operation of a Driveco station?

We operate as a third-party investor, meaning that Driveco covers 100% of the installation and operating costs. It’s the above-mentioned “0 capex, 0 opex” model. In other words, Driveco handles the purchase of the equipment (chargers, electrical transformers etc.), the administrative procedures (requests for connection to the power grid, requests to the town hall etc.), coordinates the installation and power-up of the station. Once the station is up and running, Driveco is responsible for its operation, including maintenance and 24/7 customer service (based in France). Obviously, Driveco then also transfers rent to the store-owner for the parking space lease.

What if I have to carry out work that affects the station's accessibility?

During the period of inaccessibility of the station, you will not receive any rent payments, and the lease will be extended by the period of unavailability. Financial compensation may be requested depending on the duration of inaccessibility.

What happens in the event of store closure, relocation, change of store or land assignment?

Driveco can put an end to the lease, resell the equipment or wish to continue the operation. In case of relocation, we can consider an agreement to relocate the station with incurring costs covered by the lessor, a lease extension, and financial loss compensation.