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The electrification of the automobile fleet is currently at the core of public debate. As proof, the European states have recently agreed on the acceleration of the deployment of charging stations. While the European Commission hopes to ban the sales of thermic vehicles by 2035, the Objective 100 000 charging stations plan to increase the adoption of electric vehicles in France must be achieved faster.

To respond to this major challenge, DRIVECO, major player in electric mobility in France, and Carrefour, announce a partnership dedicated to equipping all Carrefour Market supermarkets with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This program notably includes more than 600 sites hosting more than 3000 charging points. This partnership reinforces DRIVECO’s position as one of the leaders in electric mobility in the French market, while contributing to the acceleration of the energy transition.

An intelligent infrastructure, complete and sustainable, now accessible to the largest number

While the French are more and more numerous in choosing an electric vehicle, one of the main challenges is, from now on, to supply a sufficient number of charging stations accessible to the largest number of people. Thus, Carrefour has chosen to entrust DRIVECO which will be in charge of financing, the construction and operation of infrastructures for charging electric vehicles in its parking lots.

This partnership will allow us to offer users a complete supply of over 3000 charging points, mixing comfort (22kW) and a majority of fast and ultra-fast (50kW to 180kW) charging. It is Carrefour’s determination to facilitate mobility and answer the needs of its customers, while reinforcing its commitment to and mobilization for clean energy.

The new DRIVECO financing model adapted for large retail

This partnership has been structured through the third party investment offer where DRIVECO carries the investment for the installation of charging infrastructures, ensures the construction, monitoring, maintenance and technical assistance to the user.

The third party investment model is particularly adapted to large retail. It is an offer that has several advantages for real estate owners. It allows them to answer the demands of their consumers and comply with the obligations of the Law for Mobility Orientation (LOM), which mandates the equipping of parking lots with more than 10 places with charging stations.

DRIVECO, a pioneer player in the French and international market

Since its creation in 2010, DRIVECO has always been one step ahead in the electric charging market. The group is currently a major player in electric mobility due to its turnkey and customizable offer to accompany its customers during all the project stages: from personalized studies of the project to production and installation of charging stations, and also the monitoring and maintenance of the latter. DRIVECO presents itself as a reliable and responsive player to its customers.

The ambitions for future years

Currently, DRIVECO counts more than 1000 customers in all sectors of activity (among them Leroy, Merlin, Airbus, Volvo, …) and operates several thousand charging points in France and neighboring countries. DRIVECO aims for 10 000 stations in 2023 and 100 000 in 2030. Also, the group aims to expand in the rest of Europe in the medium term.

“This project is perfectly in line with DRIVECO’s mission to decarbonize mobility in order to combat climate change. The Carrefour charging network will be one of the largest in France and will thus greatly accelerate the movement towards electric mobility. This project is an important step in our development, which consists of deploying universal charging networks, accessible to everyone, everywhere in Europe. The trust that Carrefour has placed in us to carry out such a large project testifies to our expertise and the reliability of our technological solution. For 12 years, we have put the end users at the heart of our strategy by providing a premium service and universal solutions.”

Ion Leahu-Aluas, CEO, DRIVECO

“The ambitious deployment on Carrefour Market supermarkets completes the ongoing equipment on our hypermarkets and demonstrates Carrefour’s commitment to the energy transition, serving our customers and the territories.”

JĂ©rĂ´me Nanty, Executive Director Human Resources and Assets, Carrefour Group