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Driveco, the French pioneer in electric vehicle charging, has announced a partnership with Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, to equip 10 sites. A total of up to 1,600 charging points will be progressively deployed between now and 2026, to meet the electric charging needs of employees and visitors to Airbus sites.

Ion Leahu-Aluas, CEO of Driveco:

“After our first successful collaboration, we are proud to join forces once again with a world leader in the industry. Through this ambitious partnership, Airbus employees and stakeholders will benefit from high-quality services for charging their electric vehicles as part of their daily travels.”

A renewed trust

After a fruitful collaboration in 2022 involving the improvement of charging infrastructures and the deployment of 200 proprietary Kino Pro charging stations (designed by Driveco and manufactured in France), Airbus renews its trust in Driveco.

Driveco has been awarded a new call for tender by Airbus to install, operate and maintain an additional 1,600 charge points. Over a multi-year period, 800 Kino Pro dual charge points will be installed at 10 Airbus sites across France.

To date, more than 25,000 charges have been carried out at all the stations installed at Airbus sites, representing the equivalent of around 2,000,000 kilometers traveled and a reduction of 466 tCO2eq.

A far-reaching partnership with customized services

Through this partnership, Driveco will provide a reliable, seamless charging experience, tailored to the needs of employees and other stakeholders visiting Airbus sites. They will benefit from KINO PRO charging stations, which have an average availability rate of 98.7% (according to an independent study conducted in December 2022 by Gireve and Mobileese).

Solutions also include software developed specifically for Airbus, long-term monitoring of performance indicators, and top-quality user support from Driveco engineers available 24/7.