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Driveco announces a partnership with the pioneering player in electric aviation, Green Aerolease, to accelerate the deployment and promotion of electric aircraft leasing. The objective is to respond to the environmental challenges and encourage the development of electric mobility, whether in the automotive or aeronautical industry. It is a collaboration that takes root in Tarn, at Albi aerodrome, with the availability of the first electric aircraft for lease.

A unique partnership to develop electric mobility in aviation

In the logic of accelerating the energy transition, Driveco now offers to as many people as possible the possibility of discovering and experimenting with electric aviation at the Albi flying club, with an electric plane leased by Green Aerolease. Indeed, Driveco is convinced of the future of carbon-free aviation, and that it is essential to facilitate access to it. This is why the company brings its support through a subsidy, fully used to reduce the cost per hour of flight. The Albi flying club now offers the cheapest lease in the department, at €99/hour compared to €140 without subsidy.

In addition, electric aviation also makes it possible to attract a new target group of users, concerned with environmental problems. Green Aerolease offers a new experience for a zero-emission alternative consistent with current challenges.

Albi’s electric aircraft will be used for training purposes, but also during private trips and pilot training at the start of their career, from the end of September 2022.

A self-evident collaboration between the pioneers of solar mobility and of electric aviation

Within the framework of this partnership, DRIVECO and Green Aerolease are strengthening their commitment to light, clean, sustainable, non-polluting air mobility with considerably reduced noise pollution near flying clubs.

For its part, Green Aerolease is continuing its desire to support the decarbonization of air transportation and light aviation by offering the leasing of electric aircraft.

We are happy to participate in the realization of electric aviation in Albi. It is important to let people know that the aviation transition has begun and that we have passed the simple prototype stage. We are at the beginning of a new era!

Ion Leahu-Aluas, CEO of DRIVECO.

We are convinced by this environmental transition. We saw this with the automotive sector a few years ago. And the automotive industry should not be the only one concerned. We are in favor of green mobility for all industries. This is why we have decided to bring our brick to the building of the aviation sector through this subsidy

Ion Leahu-Aluas, CEO of DRIVECO.

The participation of DRIVECO as a sponsor for the deployment of an electric aircraft in Albi represents an excellent message for us. This is a sign that, out of conviction, actors from different backgrounds can join forces with the common goal of accelerating the environmental transition in the aviation sector, in this case. It is a financial boost for flying clubs which is welcomed in a context of strong tension around light aviation which nevertheless has a clear path towards its decarbonization with the emergence of electric planes.

Charles Cabillic, founder of Green Aerolease

The arrival of the electric plane in Albi, made possible by the contribution of DRIVECO, is fully in line with the proactive approach of the city of Albi, highlighting new forms of decarbonized mobility and energy. The environmental challenges of today and tomorrow concern us all, and the decision of the association’s management will make the Albi Aeroclub an exemplary and innovative club in terms of the energy transition

Michel Franques, First Deputy Mayor of Albi and manager of the airport site.

The participation of DRIVECO as a sponsor allows us to offer accessible virtuous aviation. Concretely on the scale of our association and for 288 hours of annual flight, this will result in a reduction of 13.6 tons of CO2 (approx. 6000L of fuel saved) mainly for pilot training, discovery flights and Aeronautical Initiation Certificate (B.I.A). This will create, I am sure, incentives to develop and accelerate the decarbonization of light, then commercial aviation

Frédéric Michiels, President of the Albi Aeroclub