Charging stations
for electric vehicles

We place the quality of our stations at the core of our priorities.
Our charging stations for electric vehicles are all manufactured in France or Europe.


It is due to their robustness and to our highly performant monitoring system that we can offer you the most reliable stations on the market with an availability rate which surpasses 99%.


We constantly improve their functionality in order to offer you a performant, simplified and secure charging experience.

Our charging stations


Our charging stations are universal and are compatible with all types of electric vehicles and chargeable hybrids.


The charging stations are equally accessible to all. It is DRIVECO’s guarantee of universality. By downloading the DRIVECO application, available for Android or iPhone, your users can access charging by using solely their smartphone.


For subscribers to a mobility operator it is possible to charge their vehicle with the card provided by their mobility operator.


We have a range of stations from 7kW to 300kW, using alternative current (AC) or direct current (DC).


Types of charge offered :

  • Slow at 7kW : recommended for night charges
  • Comfort at 22kW : recommended for stopping between 1 and 3 hours
  • Fast at 50kW : recommended for stopping below 1 hour
  • Ultra-fast up to 200kW : recommended for stopping between 15 and 30 min
borne de recharge universelle
systeme de supervision stations de recharge de véhicules électriques


All our stations are connected to the DRIVECO Monitoring System to which you have a dedicated access.


With this platform you can manage the charges, receive usage reporting and statistics and benefit from telemaintenance and remote control.


Our charging stations are easy to handle and thanks to the DRIVECO application, it is very easy to charge.

application mobile driveco
Paiement carte borne de recharge


We give a very high importance to the security of our users.

  • The charging on our stations is secure and patented.
  • All modes of payment available to users comply with the protocols to ensure a secure transaction.


The innovative solar charging station

The result of a research and development program, the PARASOL® launched the concept of solar mobility. 


Both a photovoltaic power plant and a charging site for electric vehicles, the PARASOL® ensures for all vehicles 100% solar charging.


Connected to the DRIVECO Smart Grid, the PARASOL® optimizes energy production depending on the needs of users.


Due to the energy storage system, the PARASOL® is capable of charging all vehicles day and night!
And the electricity surplus is fed into the electric grid for a maximum profitability of  PARASOL®.

How to charge
on our stations ?

It is very easy to charge on our stations due the DRIVECO application :

  • Download the application available on Google Play and App Store
  • Scan the QR code corresponding to your charging point
  • Plug in your cable
  • Charge your vehicle
  • Stop charging from the application
Borne de recharge DRIVECCO KINO PRO 22kW

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