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Delivering a great user experience has always been our number-one concern. Which is why we created a simple and intuitive application to streamline your charging experience.

Simple and seamless charging

More than just an app, Driveco will simplify your life! Find the nearest charging station to you or on your route at a glance and navigate to your destination. With your secure personal account, start a charging session effortlessly without having to re-enter your information.

The Driveco app offers:

  • An interactive map to locate available charging stations in real-time
  • Visibility on the power output and available connectors at each station
  • Transparent information on charging rates

Intuitive features for simple everyday charging

Secure personal account
Save your contact and payment information (credit card, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) in your secure account. Once that’s done, simply enjoy the streamlined charging experience on the Driveco network.

Multiple payment methods
A wide range of payment methods are accepted: credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Waiting time notification
No more sitting around in your vehicle. Our connected charging stations let you know exactly how much time is left before your vehicle is fully charged, leaving you to make the most of your time.

One smart badge does it all
No need to fumble through a stack of cards. Start your charging session using any badge or RFID card, such as parking badge, toll pass or transit card. Once it has been recognized via the app, the badge will be automatically detected by our charging stations, triggering a charging session without having to log in.

Automated billing
Bid farewell to all those loose tickets scattered around your vehicle (you know – the ones that get soaked in coffee when you spill your mug!). We generate a detailed invoice for you at the end of each session. They’re all archived in the app, making it easier for you to keep track.

Centralized history
The details of all your charging sessions are stored in one place. Find all the key information such as dates, locations, and charging amounts in your account.