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Driveco inaugurates its first charging stations for electric vehicles on Carrefour Market parkings in Vire (Calvados) and Estaires (Nord). Driveco will finance, install and operate over 600 chargers under the “Carrefour Energies” brand. This project will enable the electrification of 3,000 parking spaces, making this network the most ambitious network in the country.

Ion Leahu-Aluas, Driveco’s CEO:

“We believe that the electric revolution will lead to new uses. Charging is too often compared to filling up with petrol, when it’s actually done in hidden time, like when shopping. Today drivers choose a network for its reliability, tomorrow the price of a charge will lead their choice. Driveco shares a vision with Carrefour, focused on the user and enabling the democratization of charging.”

A major project

Driveco inaugurates the first “Carrefour Energies” charging stations, starting a series of 600 chargers on Carrefour Market supermarket parking lots. Driveco is investing over 100 million euros in this project, aiming to deploy 3,000 charging points in 2 years. This makes it the largest network in the retail sector, with unrivaled territorial coverage. The roll-out will peak with one opening every day.

Different charging capacities for different uses

In Carrefour Market supermarkets, Driveco offers a range of charging capacities (from 22 kW to 50 kW or 150 kW, depending on the site) to meet every customer’s needs, depending on the parking duration. For weekly shopping, around 1h, 22 kW chargers are the most suitable, while for quick shopping of 10-20 min, 50 kW or 150 kW chargers are the most recommended.

Electric bicycles will also be able to plug in at designated chargers.

Electric cars’ charging habits are often compared to filling up with petrol. In reality however, new uses are appearing. At every car park, electric car drivers will have a chance to charge their vehicles. Shopping time also becomes a time for charging.

Attractive prices and 100% renewable energy

Driveco aims to democratize the use of electric vehicles by offering very competitive prices. To achieve this, the company relies on its subsidiary Driveco Energies. This means complete control over the electricity supply, which ensures the fairest price positioning. As part of its commitment to build an ecological society, the electricity Driveco buys is exclusively produced from renewable energies.

Carrefour Energies network stations by Driveco are priced as follows:

  • 0.30 €/kWh for 22 kW chargers (average price in France: 0.40-0.50 €/kWh)
  • 0.49 €/kWh for 50 kW chargers (average price in France: 0.45-0.60 €/kWh)
  • 0.54 €/kWh for 150 kW chargers (average price in France: 0.50-0.70 €/kWh)

Carrefour loyalty card or Pass card holders are offered one charging hour per day on 22 kW chargers. To make the user experience easy, payment can be made via the app, a charging service card, or directly by credit card on 50 kW and 150 kW chargers.

A significant turning point

Driveco, French pioneer in electric car charging, initially focused its business on building and monitoring charging stations, on behalf of its customers. Then Mirova, a management company dedicated to responsible investment, acquired stake in the company in 2020. This move initiated a strategic shift, with the parallel launch of its charging operator offer : Driveco now handles the design, financing, installation and maintenance of its charging stations.