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Our CEO, Ion Leahu-Aluas, travelled to Atlanta where he was selected by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association to join the prestigious group of 40 Under 40. This recognition highlights his significant impact on the energy sector and his contribution to the Georgia Institute of Technology alumni community.

Each year, the Alumni Association selects 40 of its members under the age of 40 to celebrate individuals who have significantly contributed to science, the arts or business in sectors as diverse as space exploration and health. The Class of 2023 was rigorously evaluated by a committee of 24 faculty members, staff and volunteers representing all Georgia Tech.

Ion Leahu-Aluas, co-founder and CEO of Driveco, was recognized for his commitment to innovation and his outstanding contribution to decarbonizing the transportation sector. The success of Driveco, a pioneer in electric mobility and the network with the best coverage in France, owes a great deal to his commitment. That is what motivated the jury to award Ion this distinction, a token of recognition from its peers.

Meeting other laureates at the ceremony, Ion Leahu-Aluas expressed his enthusiasm at discovering their respective work. The event also provided an opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces and enjoy a unique experience as special guests at half-time of the Georgia Tech-Syracuse football match.

Ion says the experience reinforced his belief that people of all ages and backgrounds can make a significant contribution to our world. In his view, diversity and inclusion are sources of innovation and progress.